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Superstar Communicator podcast

Jun 28, 2023

On this episode of the SuperStar Communicator podcast, we dive into the world of neurodiversity and communication with guest Diva Dias. Diva believes that those who are neurodiverse have a unique superpower when it comes to communication due to their curiosity and open-mindedness. This perspective also allows them to look at situations in multiple ways, leading to creative solutions that others may not consider.

Diva also discusses the role of AI in emotional intelligence and why we should embrace diverse forms of communication versus relying on technology as the norm. Additionally, the importance of creating a culture where neurodiverse employees feel free to express themselves and share their thoughts is emphasized, along with tips on how to combat self-judgment and get out of overwhelm.

Diva Dias is a global speaker and facilitator of Access Consciousness classes and seminars, who shares her perspective on curiosity as a driving force behind innovative solutions in the marketplace and how understanding our differences can lead to a more empowered society.

Key points of the interview:

[00:04:41] "The Unique Mental Imagery of Individuals with Autism"

[00:09:49] "Autism and neurodiversity as a superpower"

[00:12:46] "How Asking Questions Can Empower Neurodiverse Employees"

[00:18:42] "Combat Self-Doubt and Boost Creativity: Expert Advice"

[00:23:23] "Embrace Neurodiversity through Perspective Changes and Curiosity"

[00:29:23] "How Asking Questions Can Help You See Differently"

Download the transcription here

You can find out about Diva Diaz and her work here

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