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Superstar Communicator podcast

Jan 21, 2021

Fiona Kearns is a business psychologist from Kearnsconsultancy 

One of the challenges for any talented, ambitious person is dealing with meetings - and interruptions from others. IN this podcast episode we'll find out:

  • How to deal with interruptions when you speak
  • Work out what is really going on
  • HOw to plan how to...

Jan 7, 2021

Author Jeff Schwartz discusses his fascinating new book Work Disrupted  Opportunity, Resilience, and Growth in the Accelerated Future of Work. Schwartz shares how our working world is changing; and the traditional idea of a 'career ladder' won't exist. The pandemic, AI and technology are changing the way we work, and...

Jan 1, 2021

A New Year is the perfect opportunity to celebrate all you have achieved in the previous year as well as looking forward to the new year. I share 3 activities I always use to celebrate and look forward. This is not exclusively setting career goals but all aspects of your life. Here is a complimentary worksheet I use...

Dec 22, 2020

Inspired by Shonda Rhimes's  

incredible book "Year of Yes" I discuss why we should listen to what is being asked. Are we saying no when we should really be saying yes? Are we saying no because we are nervous or frightened? I share examples from successful people who do say yes; as well as considering when you could say...

Dec 8, 2020

Andy Lopata has written a thought provoking - and potentially life changing book for everyone. He challenges us to Ask more: for help, support, opportunities. And also makes us reflect on WHY we don't ask. This is an important episode for anyone who runs a business, wants to develop their career or who is...