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Superstar Communicator podcast

Sep 18, 2015

We all have lots of acquaintances online. Certainly I have 'friends' and contacts on Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and Google+, as well as people that I am in groups with. But does this mean I know them, and do they know me?


In this week's episode of Superstar Communicator, I share some examples where people have "overstepped" the mark of an FB acquaintance by demanding contacts/favours/services when you don't know them. Even if you are in an FB group, it doesn't mean you can demand lots from someone else. Well you can, but you are likely to annoy them bigtime.

THe challenge is that we all think we know people because they are visible on social media, but in fact they are strangers.

So what do we need to consider when we contact people and how should we behave??

I share 5 top tips and also some examples of when people HAVE overstepped the mark.

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