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Superstar Communicator podcast

Sep 6, 2022

Early September is the time new graduates are employed in their graduate roles. These young people are the "COVID generation" whose degrees were studied, in part, online. And it is even more important to support and demonstrate positive leadership to these talented young people.

I am joined by Nick Simon

He is a recent graduate who has researched his friends' experiences and what they need in the way of information and support to thrive in their new role. The discussion highlighted:

* How important it is to provide information on prospects, working hours, whether it is hybrid, remote or in the office work

* The value of the graduate asking questions and feeling it is okay to do this

* That any hardware and software is already ready when the new employee arrives on the first day.

* Socials to get to know colleagues

* A mentor for the new graduate to discuss challenges.

Here is the transcription of the discussion

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