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Superstar Communicator podcast

Apr 24, 2015

As you know, it is the UK General Elections in less than two weeks time. We have been featuring various aspects of being a politician; their communication styles and what we can learn from them.

This week we are focusing on Smear Campaigns or accusations that are not necessarily true, that discredit an opponent. In...

Apr 20, 2015

As we get closer to the UK General Election, I am including the series on politicians and what we can learn from their communication styles. This week I am focusing on politicians' voices, and in particular, four areas.

  • Accent
  • Pitch of voice
  • Relaxing when speaking (or not relaxing and the implications...

Apr 10, 2015

With the UK General Election in May 2015, we are repeatedly seeing politicians appear in debates and discussions on the TV. For our own communication styles with colleagues, contacts and customers.

In our lives we might be conducting an online conference call, or our presentation might be recorded for another audience...

Apr 3, 2015

In UK we have the General Election in less than 5 weeks. Last night we had the one and only TV debate, with seven political leaders scrapping for air time, to be noticed and the audience vote.

In our businesses we have situations where we are pitching against other people; trying to be noticed for our excellent work etc....