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Superstar Communicator podcast

Oct 28, 2016

Tonight: a Halloween Special. This will have you quivering with fear! I am featuring four NIGHTMARE VOICES to avoid when you speak! You will start recognising these voices when you hear people speak, or work with people who have these voices.

Enjoy. Ha Ha Ha!!!

Oct 21, 2016

Communication is not JUST speaking, it is also listening. We learn from listening in a conversation than speaking. I am delighted to introduce our special guest Chris Withey, an HR thought leader, who shares his top tips to being a superstar listener.

Oct 14, 2016

How does storytelling make you and your spoken message memorable? I interview the business book ghost writer and writing coach, Ginny Carter, who answers these questions as well as giving some great advice and tips.

Oct 7, 2016

There are huge benefits to smiling: physical and wellbeing - as well as being able to present yourself as someone that people want to be around.

In this podcast, I share lots of unknown benefits to why smiling is good!