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Superstar Communicator podcast

Oct 16, 2015

In the last few weeks I've been aware of a number of people - politicians included - who have been adopting "Powerful stances". I've also come across speaking coaches who are promoting "Powerful Postures" but the clients look really awkward, or, let's be honest, idiots!

This has all been prompted by the excellent Tedx Talk given by Amy Cuddy. Watch it here. In the talk she reveals that your body language affects the way others perceive you. BUT also, your body language can influence the way YOU feel. So if you want to feel confident before doing a presentation or a tricky phone call, by adopting a positive posture, it will help you feel more confident.


HOWEVER, some of the extreme postures she uses to demonstrate this, are being used, and not always effectively! In this podcast I share tips to using positive postures and what they are, and using these to your advantage with the benefits to you and your audience.

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