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Superstar Communicator podcast

Oct 14, 2014

When we discuss 'Branding' we often think of a logo or the colours of our website. When I was having my websites updated, one designer said "You need to be rebranded" even though we had spent a considerable amount of time (and money) on rebranding 6 months before. This involved a lot of work discovering our values; colours that might reflect that; the types of clients we wanted to attract.

Having a great website is brilliant; thinking about the content to reflect the company values is crucial as well as the photos, video and audio content. BUT how many companies consider  how they 'TALK' physically to their customers? Branding includes communication face to face, in presentations, meetings, public speaking, telephone, media etc. We might have the most wonderful logo BUT if we don't speak to our customers with respect - or if we completely ignore them, we are showing a lot about our values and brand.

In the latest Superstar Communicator podcast I share a story about two software companies and how they dealt with a question. It showed their values and their appreciation of the client.

Also, I am speaking at a Branding Masterclass in London on 29th November. The masterclass includes access to a private Facebook group for you to share ideas. Because I'm speaking, I've negotiated a great deal (33% off).



To get the discount:  add the words ExecutiveVoice to the promotional code box and press Apply, you will be taken to another screen to complete you registration and your ticket fee will have be discounted from £97 to £67.


Look forward to seeing you on 29 November in London.