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Superstar Communicator podcast

Mar 27, 2024

Introduction: Welcome to the SuperStar Communicator podcast! In today's episode, we delve into "The Power of the Outsider" with our special guest, Samuel Kasumu. Tune in as we navigate through these challenges and explore the incredible insights that Samuel brings to the table. Samuel is a remarkable social entrepreneur, commentator, and strategist, having served as a special adviser to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, focusing on civil society and communities. As the most senior black adviser in government, he has been instrumental in setting up initiatives to support the progression of Britain's black and minority ethnic population. Samuel's experiences and perspectives shed light on the true power that lies in standing outside the norms and challenging the status quo. Join us as we uncover the strategies, psychology, and importance of outsiders in shaping our societies, organizations, and politics. Let's dive into this captivating conversation with Samuel Kasumu on "The Power of the Outsider".


Key points from the interview

03:06 Accidental achievement: record-breaking votes for student.

05:34 Privileged people have most access, not smarts.

12:32 Outsiders can use their uniqueness as advantage.

14:21 Challenging to be heard, utilize value. Overcoming biases, building allies, communicating goals. Flourishing may require leaving.

19:18 Values need stretch; cultures don't happen randomly. Embrace diversity, encourage respectful disagreements. Culture starts at the top.

29:17 Inclusion, standards, purpose, direction, diversity, power, dominance

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 Samuel Kasumu is an award-winning social entrepreneur, commentator, and strategist. Until his resignation in April 2021, Samuel Kasumu was the most senior Black advisor in government and served as Special Advisor to Boris Johnson on the Civil Society and Communities brief. His work included leading on the cross-government vaccine deployment, and while under former Prime Minister Theresa May he was a member of the Race Disparity Audit Advisory Board. Samuel is the founder of Inclusive Boards, an executive headhunting firm specialising in non-executive board appointments across sectors. Samuel has been involved in setting up and growing a number of initiatives to support the progression of Briton's black and minority ethnic population, including a student network connecting peers with employers and a campaign that supported over 8000 start-up businesses. He has won numerous awards for his work including Barclays Business Enterprise Award, the CBI's Young Star of Enterprise Award, and Entrepreneur Champion of the Year.

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