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Superstar Communicator podcast

Nov 24, 2021

Animation is a powerful way to communicate your message to clients and customers. So I was thrilled to interview the CEO or multi-award winning Animation company Salamandra, Christine MacKay. In the interview we covered plenty of tips, advice and ideas including:

5:00 mins: Plenty of advice that the visual element of animation helps retain information in many viewers

15.30 mins: you never finish learning; learning new skills keeps you vibrant

16.30 mins: Use animation to translate complex information into more digestible information

17:00 mins: remember we work in H to H (human to human) not B to B!

And more.

You can buy Christine's book here

You can contact Salamandra at 

Here is the transcript of the podcast

And you can grab your 10 Top Tips to being a SuperStar Communicator here.

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