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Superstar Communicator podcast

Apr 14, 2014

We all use Social Media (which is great) and have lots of contacts and followers. But how many of these contacts have we moved from being a vague follower, to a more valuable contact? Do we meet someone; put them into our contact database and then don't interact with them? Perhaps we put them onto our ezine list, but don't check they open it?

Have we lost contact with people because we have passively put them onto our Facebook list? Have they forgotten about us because we no longer attend those network events? Picking up the phone and having a chat with these people enables us to reconnect with them on a human level.

In this episode I shall discuss HOW to look through your current contact lists; CHOOSE who to pick up the phone to chat to; WHAT to say to them and some OUTCOMES and ACTIONS from these.

This is an exciting episode and I hope you enjoy it!