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Superstar Communicator podcast

Dec 30, 2014

Many people are setting goals, New year resolutions and targets at this time of year. Teams and departments review the year and set targets for 2015. I am sure some 'talking' is involved within this process.

However, it is more difficult to set goals when you are on your own - either as a solopreneur or your personal goals. Certainly I spend a lot of time reviewing my year and then set up my intentions and goals - personally, for the family and my businesses. I also use vision boards. BUT I have found it so useful to SPEAK and tell a trusted person what my intentions are. The physical - and mental process of actually speaking, and telling someone what your goals are, is SO powerful. 

In the latest edition of the Superstar Communicator I share tips on how to do this. Remember, who you choose shouldn't be judging you or telling you that it won't work. You aren't asking for their opinion, just to listen and support you!

Happy New Year!