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Superstar Communicator podcast

Jun 9, 2023

On this episode of SuperStar Communicator, we explore the importance of presenting the best version of yourself in business conversations, focusing on public speaking. Our expert guest shares tips on how to cater to diverse audiences, including summarizing your speech beforehand and using interactive polls to keep audiences engaged. We also dive into nonverbal communication, overcoming mental blocks, and the changing landscape of public speaking, including the rise of virtual events and the demand for more Q&A sessions. Stay tuned to learn about neutral "diva feet," "sitting diva," and other posture techniques that can help you shine in every business conversation.

Some key points;

00:02:51] "Overcome speaking nerves with these two tips"

[00:08:10] "How to Engage Your Virtual Audience: Tips"

[00:10:23] "Expert tips for overcoming public speaking mishaps"

[00:14:02] "Creating Curiosity: Effective Speech Preparation Tips"

[00:15:37] "Tips for Reaching Diverse Audiences in Presentations"

[00:18:32] "Speaker's Role Shifts Toward Workshop Facilitation"

[00:23:09] "Master Nonverbal Communication for Virtual Meetings"

[00:25:32] "Uncovering the terms behind effective communication"

[00:28:44] "Encouraging Interaction in Virtual Presentations: Strategies"

  1. Tips for overcoming nerves when public speaking
  2. The importance of knowing who is in the audience when you speak.
  3. Consider how to involve the audience when you are speaking to make it truly interactive

You can download the transcript  here.

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