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Superstar Communicator podcast

Feb 6, 2015

This month is 'Meetings Month'. The wonderful Neil Simon is going to share ALL aspects of participating in meetings, during the month of February 2015. Why not sign up for Neil's free email series on meetings. Sign here.

In this episode of the Superstar Communicator podcast, Neil shares his tips for preparing for a meeting, so that you will make an impact when you are there and be effective.

His tips include:

  • Read the agendas and minutes
  • Work out your own agenda for a meeting
  • What is the purpose of the meeting for the organisation and for you/your department?
  • Who else is coming to the meeting?
  • Will anyone be missing from the meeting?
  • What are the actions from the last meeting?
  • What outcomes would you like to get from the meeting.

This is a fascinating podcast. Remember, you can sign up for Neil's free email course here.