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Superstar Communicator podcast

Jun 3, 2021

There is no doubt that work environments have changed since the Pandemic lockdown started in 2020. Many companies have recognised the possibility of being able to manage individuals working remotely; and many employees do prefer the flexibility of working remotely. BUT the reality is that many businesses want their employees to be working in offices, where there is a better opportunity to share ideas; work collaboratively and build teams. The challenge is that many offices need to rearrange their work spaces to be COVID compliant and there might not be room to accommodate everyone. SO some individuals will have to work remotely, whilst others will be in the office. In other words, a hybrid workforce.

In this forward looking podcast masterclass I share:

* What is Hybrid working

* How can we listen to employees to reassure them

* The challenge of bridging the gap between those working remotely and those in the office

Please remember to grab your copy of the Hybrid leadership checklist at where we share top tips on how to use communication in your hybrid working strategy.

Download the transcription here