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Superstar Communicator podcast

Aug 18, 2021

If you want to discover anything about podcasts both as a podcaster or guest, the go to person is James Mulvany. He is a multiple business owner; Angel investor and for our interest, the founder of

In a world where many people are now launching their podcasts (yay!) there is also a great opportunity to be a guest on podcasts. In this fabulous episode, James shares many tips for being a great guest, from how to approach podcast hosts, to how you can add value to a podcast. Tips include:

1. If you are going on as a guest, let the host lead the questions.

2. Avoid going on JUST to promote your book/service/product. You are there to provide great content for the podcast

3. Offer to promote the podcast episode to your connections and on social media

4. When pitching be authentic. Try and build a pitch around actually genuinely what you can deliver to that person's podcast.

Here is a transcript of the podcast to download.

If you would like more information about James's services as a podcast expert here are his contact details.

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James's Youtube channel

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