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Superstar Communicator podcast

Jun 17, 2021

As business owners and developers, we need feedback from potential clients and stakeholders, to ensure what we offer will be of value. But are we asking the right questions to get the most invaluable feedback? Or are those we ask embarrassed to say what they really feel?

This is the principle of Rob Fitzpatrick's book The Mom Test; which is a brilliant read for any business owner or developer. And this podcast is an interview with Rob. He shares with us:

* Why people lie when you ask for feedback

* Why it is important to get honest feedback so you don't waste time on a project that is not of interest

* How to structure the questions to receive more valuable feedback

* The value of small talk.

Here is the transcription to download

If you want to contact Rob, he has a fabulous writing group called and welcomes connections. - What a great guy.