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Superstar Communicator podcast

Nov 12, 2021

It is an honour to interview two such incredible guests. Capt. Emil Dobrovolschi is an Airline Captain; ensuring all his passengers and crew are safe. He and the leading leadership coach Octavian Pantis have written a fantastic book "Dark Cockpit" about how to approach leadership and use communication as the principle tool in managing this.

In the podcast interview there are many fascinating examples they use to support their work. These include:

* (9.00mins) How everyone knows who you are due to your uniform but how important it is to use communication to your team, to develop trust and collaborative working styles.

* (16.00mins) How to use a standardised language, when there are people in the aviation industry speaking a range of different languages. - And how this relates to all businesses where we need to understand each other.

*  (28.10mins) Even as a leader, receiving feedback is very useful. Having the ability to make your team feel comfortable to offer you feedback is invaluable for everyone.

* (26.20mins) Communicating in the right way so it is effective

* (31.45mins) Managing fear whilst in control of the plane. Lots of tips!

* (38.45 mins) reassuring your team you can lead even if you aren't very experienced.

There are plenty of other gems and you can download the transcription here: 

The book can be purchased here: 

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