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Superstar Communicator podcast

May 6, 2021

Being able to be confident and make an impact at work and in your home life is something we all wish to do. It is more of a challenge for women, and particularly women of colour. Our latest guest Eliza VanCort, the author of a Woman's Guide to claiming space

This interview is about being aware of the power we all have; the fact that as women we must support women of colour and strategies for having more power, influence and presence.

In this fascinating interview, which has MANY take aways. Here are three learning points.

1. You can make more impact in virtual meetings by having good lighting; a good mic and push yourself to ALWAYS say something.

2. You can claim your space with your body language: be aware of your posture, particularly if you feel nervous

3. Become aware of those self sabotage thoughts - and the people who surround you. Are they acting in your best interest.

Download the transcript here: 

More information on Eliza

Here is the link for Eliza's book 

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