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Superstar Communicator podcast

Oct 24, 2022

Do you wish to engage and make more impact with international clients? In this podcast episode Susan Heaton-Wright shares top tips and case studies to ensure you have invaluable engagement with your clients; whether they speak English as their first language or not. She uses examples of working with clients in North America, the Middle East and Myanmar.

Tips include:

* Modifying the way you speak and the language you use to ensure everyone understands you.

* Read the room; be aware of what is going on in the room, and modify what you do accordingly.

* Never assume that because your clients speak some English, they will understand you.

* Be aware of cultural differences. Are there specific topics you you should avoid to prevent your clients being offended.

* Use of examples. Check that the clients will understand the examples you give.

* Allow your clients to look at your slides to check the words and examples are clear to them.

Download the transcription here.

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