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Superstar Communicator podcast

Apr 17, 2023

In an increasingly virtual world, we all need to be aware of effective ways to communicate on video. We were joined by Tim Kovoor who is based in London but has lived and worked cross-culturally and multilingually around the world. Communication has been a lifelong passion. Tim is now a key part of the growth team at tech company Quench: connecting the world's top experts with companies and their employees through video learning and consulting services.

This is a content packed interview; takeways include:

  • 8.38: how videos bring the human connection in a way that A1 doesn't
  • 14.11 the different types of video content and delivery
  • 22.48 Top tips for delivering the video content with confidence

And there is much more!

Download the transcription of the interview here.

If you would like to contact Tim directly his email is and the website is 

Quench is offering listeners who are serving professional niches through video courses and consulting services the opportunity to be considered for Quench's enterprise partners program. This gives you the opportunity to deliver your video guides and sell your professional services to enterprises.

SUPERSTAR COMMUNICATOR is a leading International company empowering everyone to present the best version of themselves in all business conversations. We work with organisations and individuals with:

  • masterclasses
  • facilitating workshops face to face and virtually
  • one to one coaching
  • Keynote and lunch and learn speeches

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