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Superstar Communicator podcast

Oct 8, 2021

During October we are celebrating and showcasing talent from the Black Community for Black History Month.

Aisha Suleiman is an award winning diversity and inclusion advocate, consultant and founder. Her Specialism lies in driving organisational change through leading effective employee networks, supporting the diversity and inclusion goals of the business and influencing senior leaders to bring about lasting change.

In the incredible interview, which is full of content, Aisha shares

* What is the power of Diversity and Inclusion for any organisation

* Why creating employee networks is a good thing

* How important it is for networks to feel safe when they speak about specific issues

* How to deal with people who aggressively oppose your values

* Dealing with fear.

Aisha's top tips for speaking and communicating include:

* Make sure you really know your topic and feel comfortable with it when you speak. Then you will do better. You will be more authentic; create your own style and make more impact.

* Practice, practice, practice so you are really familiar with your content.

* Think about your end goal and the outcome you want from any conversation; speech or presentation. This will add clarity to your message.


Download the transcription of the podcast episode here.


You can contact Aisha; her website is 

Here is Aisha's Linkedin profile.