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Superstar Communicator podcast

Dec 3, 2014

It takes courage to admit you are nervous before speaking. This is what Prince Harry did as part of an International AIDS day this week. He shared the fact that he gets very nervous and anxious before he speaks. Yet he is a great public speaker. This is a man who engages with his audience, with his friendly, relaxed self. He is speaking on the international stage and his speeches are streamed throughout the world via media. 

The fact is that it is perfectly normal to feel nervous before you speak. In this week's episode I celebrate the fact that 'nervousness' is part of the whole process of speaking (and performing). That everyone has this and it adds to your energy if you are able to learn to manage it. I also share top tips to start to manage your nerves.

In case you are interested, here is the public speaking course Package I offer one to one. It is complete with detailed workbook - and work for you to go away and do before each session, and you will finish the course with 

  • A blue print for preparing yourself (mind and physically) for a speech
  • Techniques with your voice and body language to engage with your audience
  • Self evaluation techniques
  • A blue print for building up your public speaking engagements
  • A preparation timetable for the day
  • Developing managing your nervousness before speaking

This is either delivered online (via Skype) or face to face. Do contact me if you want to discuss this course with me.