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Superstar Communicator podcast

Sep 30, 2014

How often have you attended meetings only to find that you don't speak or that your points are lost in the general discussion? It's frustrating isn't it! 

This week the Superstar Communicator podcast has a guest; the Master Meetings Man, Neil Simon, who will share his top tips to participating in meetings. Here is a summary:

  • Know who will be in the meeting; what you are planning to say might be relevant or not to the discussion
  • Be prepared: check the agenda of the meeting before the meeting. You'd be amazed at the number of people that don't do that
  • Have your own personal agenda; what you are going to say = and make sure you have the chance to say these things

Good luck with this! Remember to let me know how you get on, by leaving a message via twitter @executivevoice or on our website